I found Koneanti Oy’s service via Instagram and decided to try the service. Koneanti Oy was a new thing and their website got my interest. The commission sounded very good and reasonable to me. They were on the subject all the time and I got fast and good service from them. I was satisfied with the sales announcements of my machines.

I recommend the service to all acquaintances and strangers. I can be satisfied with the service because my machines went on sale quickly, even though I was prepared for a long sales period. I am also happy for the prices that I got from my machines.”

–  Tmi J. Tynkkinen, Halsua, Valtra T170 & ValtraValmet 8550

I did really tried to sell my machine myself for a long time. Koneanti Oy’s service was easy to choose because the service was risk-free and the brokerage fee caused by the sale did not sound bad. I had nothing left to lose.
Koneanti Oy took care of the sales and presentation, so I saved a lot of time. Customer service was matter-of-fact and people-oriented. Reachability in communication excellent.

I recommend the service to anyone who, for one reason or another, is unable to sell their machines themselves. And for those who appreciate direct action, because so much is happening around the items for sale, the so-called. “Kicking tires”. All this is left to the broker. ”

After years of independent sales, Koneanti Oy sold the machine in two months. Considering the financially uncertain times in Finland and in the world, one can only be very satisfied.”

– Koneurakointi Järvelä, Ähtäri, Case CVX

”I didn’t get my machine for sale myself, so I decided to try this service. The service was easy to try because it was risk free.

The service as a whole works just fine. Everything went as it was.

I recommend the service with comrades. For anyone who wants to get rid of their machines. I am satisfied with the outcome.”

– Marko Rajala, Jurva, Timberjack 1401B