Buy a machine through us

Koneanti Oy’s operating idea is based on the fact that the machines are bought on the basis of pricing set by the market and customers.

Your advantage when buying a machine through KONEANTI OY

  • A good customer service.
  • Risk is 0€, if we some reason are unable to find a machine for you.
  • Yo save your time, because you don’t have to use your own time trying to search a machine from multiple places, taking phone calls or going through negotiations.
  • A safe trading method that always secures the seller’s machine and the buyer’s trade money.

If you wish, we offer for the purchased machine:

  • Installment and leasing financing options.
  • Insurance, such as interruption protection.
  • Budget transportation.

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How the purchasing process progresses


A written agreement is made for the purchase order.


We use reliable channels to find the machine for you.

We go to see potential machines and if you want, you can go along.


We negotiate prices in accordance with the agreed boundary conditions.


If the machine is found, a deed of sale is made before the handover of the purchase amount must be paid to Koneanti Oy’s customer reserve before the handover of the machine.

When the machine has been handed over by the seller of the machine, the transaction amount is transferred to the account of the seller of the machine.