We assist producers in both selling and buying machines and serve them in a customer-oriented and honest manner. We strive to support Finnish agricultural and forestry entrepreneurship through our operations.

Why us?

We offer professional tools and ready-made channels for customer acquisition. In your task, you will get to know a wide range of agricultural and forestry machines, as well as develop your professional skills in a variety of ways.

We offer you free working hours and a salary that you can really influence with your work input. The form of employment and the date of commencement are negotiable. With us, you can become part of a great and motivated team where work days are really not just a routine.

What do we expect from you?

Your job responsibilities include customer visits as well as trade negotiations and trade documentation. We really go where the customer is, so we hope you’re ready to give your best effort. In addition, we hope you are interested in business, agriculture and forestry. Knowledge of the most common agricultural and forestry machines is considered to your advantage.